Pulppy has launched a limited edition facial box tissue in celebration of Tet 2024. The box, which is predominantly red and features the design of two gracefully flying dragons, was released to the market at the end of November.

The Pulppy Facial Box Tissue – Tet 2024 has been released by Pulppy in the spirit of the holiday season as well as welcoming the new year.

The box is dominated by the vivid red color scheme of Tet, with the addition of two dragon mascots flying gracefully lend a touch of contemporary design. The design is further embellished with the deep colors of apricot and peach blossoms - two classic Vietnamese Tet flowers. The striking dragon body is painted in the brand’s signature blue hue.

Pulppy facial box tissue – Tet 2024’s design

Ms. Vivian Lee - Brand Representative, said that Pulppy Facial Box Tissue - Tet 2024 is a special product designed for the largest holiday of the year, while also marks the company’s 25th anniversary. This is an significant milestone in the brand’s development journey in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, the limited edition design also conveys Pulppy’s commitment to providing reliable and quality-assured products with credibility to consumers.

To achieve the Tet 2024 design, the brand’s product development team upgraded the packaging material by using metalized paper. This type of paper is coated with a thin layer of metal and an additional matte varnish layer on the outside, helping to preserve the paper used due to its good moisture resistance, water resistance, and air impermeability. This material also helps to enhance the luxury and eye-catching of the product, and the external packaging printing is also more impressive thanks to the sparkling effect for beautiful  layered hues.

Pulppy facial box tissue – Tet 2024

Pulppy facial box tissue – Tet 2024 is use of 100% virgin pulp it guarantee that non-scents, easy to use, suitable for using in living rooms, bedrooms, offices…

The product is also safe and gentle for facial skin as well as sensitive skin. In addition, Pulppy tissue can be used when applying makeup or cleaning  children during each meals… Hence, the luxurious design of this limited edition Pulppy facial box tissue can also become an eye-catching and prominent decoration at the reception font desk.

              Pulppy facial box tissue - Tet 2024 limited edition is now available in supermarkets nationwide

The product is widely launched nationwide and is now available in supermarkets from the end of November. This product model is only released to the market during this Tet season, promising to bring consumers the most comfortable and satisfying experiences.


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