AnAn Tissue brand has just recently launched a new product on the Vietnamese market. Bathroom softpack with an appealing design and a creative ways of usage.

AnAn Tissue brand owned by New Toyo Pulppy Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been present in the Vietnam market since 2001 with  variousbrands of tissue products such as AnAn bathroom tissue, AnAn napkin, AnAn JRT… and most recently AnAn has just launched AnAn bathroom softpack tissue.

AnAn bathroom softpack tissue with an appealing and outstanding packaging design

The purpose of softpack tissue being used in the toilet instead of the regular common toilet rolls will bring many brand new experiences to Vietnamese consumers. AnAn bathroom softpack tissue is produced on modern technological lines to ensure outstanding quality to consumers.

 According to a representative of the brand: “ The feature of No-Bloc ( tissue can easily dissolve in the water) is an great advantage to prevent your family toilet system from clogging. AnAn is an economical product line, with natural materials and  always ensures great hygiene and safety for customers to use.”

AnAn bathroom softpack tissue - 130 sheets, 2 ply, 3 packs/carrier

AnAn bathroom softpack tissue with the main green packaging along with the image of 3 leaves and a family symbolize an environmentally friendly product. This product is mainly focused on the family segment and strive to always be the best choice of your family.AnAn bathroom softpack tissue has now been widely distributed nationwide since July, Customers can easily buy or contact the company directly if they want to buy in large quantities.

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